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Row x Row Kit/Pattern 2019 "Lemonade"

It was a hot, sunny day a few years ago when my grandchildren asked if they could set up a lemonade stand in front of the quilt shop. Of course, Grandma said yes. Filled with excitement the kids set about making plans: learning how to make “fresh lemonade,” deciding on a price and making sure that each child could count back change correctly.    At 1 o’clock pm the next day the children were left in charge of their lemonade stand while Grandma and Mommy watched from the window of the shop. Customers came from every direction, to the excitement of the children. One young boy circled the block on his bicycle four times before stopping, after visiting with Anna, he ran home to get money     —forgetting his bike. How sweet! Everyone went to bed happy, exhausted and sunburned. Life is full of learning experiences and memories!


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